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The Direct Instruction curriculum supported by Good to Great Schools Australia includes:


Our Childhood component aims to close the early childhood development gap.

  • Focuses on closing the early childhood development gap.
  • Covers early childhood from birth to three years.
  • Includes support programs for maternal and child health.
  • Uses an explicit instruction academic program.
  • Families supported to engage with the school.


Our Class component uses tested and proven methods to make sure no student gets left behind.

  • Focuses on mastery of literacy and numeracy using Direct Instruction and Explicit Instruction.
  • Minimum of twenty hours per week of reading, writing and mathematics.
  • Higher learning curriculum for students who have mastered the basics.
  • Use of the Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports System (PBIS)
  • Aligned to the Australian Curriculum.


Our Club component includes enriching extracurricular activities, such as instrumental music (rhythm, reading music and performance), the arts, sports (athletics, swimming, hockey, tennis), and personal health.

  • Focuses on moral development, higher order skills and creative expression.
  • High-quality sports, arts and music programs.
  • Showcases sporting events, carnivals and musical and cultural performances.
  • Minimum of four and a half hours per week.
  • Partners with specialist organisations to deliver extra-curricular activities.
  • Promotes family and community participation.
  • Aligned to the Australian Curriculum.


Our Culture component teaches comprehensive cultural knowledge and local, traditional oral and written language.

  • Focuses on higher order skills and project activities.
  • Builds knowledge about cultures and history of family, community, country and people.
  • Key concepts include mode switching, identity, inter-connectedness, and orbiting.
  • Fluency in communicating through digital media.
  • Aligned to the Australian Curriculum in Science, Society and Environment, the Arts, Technology, and Language.


Our Community component is made up of case-managed school readiness, attendance, parental involvement and health.

  • Supports parents to have students school-ready and attending all day, every day.
  • Case managers follow up absences or school-readiness issues.
  • Collaborates with external providers to address student health and wellbeing.
  • Supports parents set up Student Education Trusts (SET) to save for their child’s education needs.
  • Parents collaborate with teachers to ensure students successfully transition to secondary school.
  • Parents pay for student meals through food club.
  • Parents supported to create education friendly spaces in their homes.

We believe in an Australia where a child’s prospects are not determined by their ethnicity, location or socio-economic status.