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Mission and values

Our vision is that our children will achieve their full potential, talent and creativity and have the confidence and capacity for hard work so they can orbit between two worlds and enjoy the best of both.
We believe in high expectations and no excuses.
What we mean by 'No excuses’ is that we believe in an Australia where a child’s prospects are not determined by their ethnicity, location or socio-economic status.
Indigenous Australian culture is a culture of responsibility and reciprocity. Ours is a culture of law and learning. Ours is a culture of transmission of knowledge. Our culture is our strength.
We will take our responsibilities to our children. We will not allow other people to use the fact that our children are Indigenous as an excuse for educational failure.

Our children have their own culture and languages, other children have other cultures and languages. No culture or language predisposes children for educational failure.
The fact that some of our children come from disadvantaged, and even dysfunctional backgrounds, will no longer be an excuse for educational failure.
We will understand and be sensitive to the difficulties facing our children and we are going to find every support to deal with these difficulties, but we will not allow these to be an excuse for educational failure:
·         It will not be an excuse for the children.
·         It will not be an excuse for the parents or community.
·         It will not be an excuse for the principal and the teachers.
·         It will not be an excuse for the education system and all of us who say we are committed to Indigenous education reform.
The ‘No excuses’ code of behaviour is clearly visible within our campuses:
We recognise that a disciplined environment increases learning time.
We reinforce that children must work hard as there are no shortcuts to learning.
We promote the opportunity for tertiary education for every child and steadfastly reject any explanations for low achievement.